Drain Vision specializes in the inspection of a wide range of domestic and commercial drain pipes throughout the Central Otago Area, servicing Alexandra, Cromwell, Queenstown, Wanaka and the surrounding areas using robotic CCTV technology.


Not only do we have the technology to inspect drainage we have the tools to unblock and fix blocked drains and drainage systems.


CCTV drainage inspections

The Process of CCTV inspections

The process involves a CCTV camera that travels through a pipeline, surveys, and transfers images to software that is monitored by a trained operator on the surface.

The operator records all pipeline faults through CCTV and still images, producing a detailed report encompassing gradient, laterals, manholes, and meterage.


Based on the report the pipeline is assessed, and if needed a suitable outcome is put forward to correct the issue, saving you time and money.



What we can see

The clarity of the CCTV footage is crucial in identifying the source of the problem. Hairline cracks let water egress out of the pipework. This, in turn, can cause problems outside of the pipe. Flushing away over time, the hardcore that keeps the pipework stable is slowly eroded. Causing large cracks and holes to appear allowing water to ingress into drains and sewers causing flows to increase, bringing with it silt and debris, which in turn reduces the diameter of the pipe and subsequently causing blockages.

Using the latest Drainage Camera technology

Using industry leading technology Drain Vison is able to pinpoint drainage issues quickly and efficiently, as well as providing accurate data that is recognised by councils for consents and inspections. 

We use Ipek Rovion Crawler Camera systems, teamed WinCan VX software.




Cost effective solutions

Tree root blockages are a significant issue within the Southern Lakes and Central Otago Area, with the use of Drain Visions specialist equipment we can observe the obstruction and work on a plan to rectify the cause.


Using our drain cleaner in conjunction with Drain Visions water blasting and root cutting tips we can clear the roots and other obstructions from the pipe, reducing time and effort and cutting the cost of manual excavation of the pipe.


100% Chemical

free cleaning

We use a two different methods for water blasting and exterior cleaning.

The Whirl Away Pro Wash Surface Cleaner, this makes light work of flat surface areas such as driveways, paths, tennis courts and decks. It saves time and leaves an even streak free finish.


Our Lance Gun which is perfect for fences, rooftops and those harder to reach places, with over 100m of hose it has the capability to get into most situations.

Both our processes are chemical free and are non harmful to the environment or animals.



Either fill in our form, send an email or call  for further information on how Drain Vision can work for you. We are happy to help and advise on your drainage issues and needs.

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